The Restive brand refresh was developed from strategic work done by Light Creative that unpacked the uniqueness of the business and the values that steer it forward. At the heart of it all was the quality and diversity of Restive’s people - their passion for technology and expertise in a myriad of fields.

Project Details


  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Digital


  • Light Creative

A simple, overarching message that Restive is an ‘eco-system of diverse tech talent’ formed as a guiding conceptual idea to build out the brand language. Notions of responsiveness, reliability, community and connection all intertwine in a visual language that speaks to these values, whilst giving the brand a unique personality and freedom to flex with continuous market changes.

A dynamic colour palette was established to further reflect the fun, vibrant energy and diversity of Restive’s people, as well as providing brand adaptability, where a range of messages can be communicated without the reliance on a single corporate colour that can sometimes feel too one directional to an audience.